Software Radio Training

The following list offers an overview of possible topics. Customer-specific trainings are available on request. Training languages are German and English. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

GNU Radio User Level Training

• installation of GNU Radio and accompanying tools
• using GNU Radio on a bootable system image
• installing under specific operating system distributions
• building GNU Radio from source automatically using PyBombs, build_gnuradio or manually
• GNU Radio core concepts
• GNU Radio Companion, the graphical front end for designing GNU Radio flow graphs
• signal visualization and analysis
• instrumentation sinks
• GNU Radio offline signal analysis tools
• digital signal analysis in Python
• working with the GNU Radio documentation
• Python basics and using GNU Radio with Python
• designing simple communication systems
• implementing graphical user interfaces (GUI) in GNU Radio
• simulating radio systems with GNU Radio
• interfacing GNU Radio with Software Radio hardware
• RTL-SDR as demonstration of SDR capabilities
• Ettus Research USRP family of flexible SDR transceivers

GNU Radio Developer Level Training

• summary of User Level Training
• going deeper into GNU Radio’s core concepts
• GNU Radio Message Passing
• GNU Radio Stream Tags
• representing packeted data using GNU Radio PDUs
• accelerating algorithms using the Library of Vector Optimized Kernels (VOLK)
• understanding GNU Radio’s scheduler
• developing standalone (out-of-tree) modules
• from directory structure to functionality
• using gr_modtool to automatically generate new signal processing blocks
• developing GNU Radio Signal Processing Blocks
• writing a Python Block
• writing a C++ Block
• debugging GNU Radio Applications
• practical test-driven development
• using the graphical Sinks
• digging into buggy code — basic software debugger application
• accelerating development using Software Tools
• introduction to software editors
• Code:Blocks
• vim
• Software Revision Control: Git and GNU Radio
• applying Software Defined Radio Corrections to typical, distorted signals

GNU Radio Developer Level Training — Hardware

(can be integrated into the software training)

• basics of Software Defined Radio Hardware
• using Ettus Research USRPs with GNU Radio
• UHD — the driver infrastructure
• core concepts
• using the UHD API to coherently, reliably and on-time receive and send samples
• integrating other devices with GNU Radio

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